Code of Ethics for Masters and Reiki Operators

Reiki Masters and Reiki operators

First of all, Reiki is an ancient discipline of Oriental origin with the goal of harmonizing the heart and mind, using the spiritual qualities of living beings since birth: Love, Compassion, Courage, Understanding, Brotherhood, Trust.

Intentions and Limits of Reiki   

The purpose of Reiki is to help maintain a healthy body and lead a serene life: it has no ideological or political purpose, does not contradict any type of religious confession, nor does it claim to substitute for Western medicine or therapy medical health.
The discipline can be used as a adjuvant in therapy, within state or private healthcare facilities and under the responsibilities and control of medical personnel.

The term “Healing”, when used, should be understood as synonymous with Happiness, Compliance, Illumination.
Masters and Reiki Operators in the exercise of their activity as free practitioners or employees of institutions or institutes are required to apply Reiki exclusively in the form of activations received and treatments of I, II and III levels.

In the application of other intervention methods (shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, crystallotherapy, chromotherapy, etc.) the operator is required to specify that this is not Reiki, motivating – where appropriate – their choice.
Reiki Masters and Operators Ever Practice or Claim to Practice Medicine or Psychotherapy, they never issue diagnoses, prescribe behaviors, or substances unless they have the legal requirements.

Reiki Masters and Operators, when they consider it appropriate, advise their customers to contact competent medical and psychological practitioners.

Professional activity

Reiki Teachers and Operators curate their health and fitness, their professional appearance, their gown, their fabrics, their materials, and strive to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for Reiki’s practice. carpets, mattresses, blankets, incense, soft music and candles.
Reiki treatments last from a minimum of half an hour to a maximum of one hour and a half. For the duration of treatment, it is advisable to keep silent.
At the end of the treatment, it is allowed to share the sensations reciprocally with each other, without however taking any conclusions or making clinical diagnoses or comments.

If the operator detects energy blocks or physical discomforts, a check-up visit should be advised at a doctor’s office.
Masters and Reiki Operators consider strictly confidential any information that they come to know about during processing.

Reiki Masters and Operators refrain from using any harmful substance for the body and / or the environment: in particular, they are absent from smoking and alcohol and food abuse.

Reiki Masters and Operators also refrain from intimating intimate relationships with their customers, avoiding – in particular – encouraging or establishing any dependency relationship with them or their students.

Relationships between Reiki Operators

Reiki Teachers and Operators always respect social and cultural identity, the physical, mental, emotional, mental and spiritual integrity of their students, associates, or clients; do not issue judgments, opinions or opinions about personal, religious, political, family, or life choices.
If Master Reiki, on the basis of acts or facts, considers a person unfit or incomplete enough, prepared or motivated, may refrain from Reiki practice, suggesting alternative techniques or practices.

Relationships with students, associates, and colleagues must be based on respect, honesty, integrity, in order to form the basis of a sincere, uninterested and lasting friendship over time.

Professional upgrade

Reiki Teachers and Operators are feeding their personal and professional growth with a constant review of their opinions and personal and professional beliefs over ReiKi and with the constant study, updating and practice of healing art, participating in seminars to compare with others Reiki Masters.

The Reiki Master is a very normal person who has completed a course of Knowledge and which, though, has not come to any terminus: his first awareness is to be still and always on the go.
He is not a guru, he is not a special creature, he is not a saint or depositor of some absolute Truth nor a boss of the Lord or an elected one: he is a very common human being who in years of study and apprenticeship has acquired a bit of Knowledge and pass it on to others.
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