Full Moon Magic

For ages, cultures have looked to the Moon and celebrated her many phases. The Moon is what affects our emotions and depending on where she sits in the sky (what star sign she inhabits) we can tap into that emotional energy and use it in a positive way for healing. Of course, the Moon has been blamed for lunacy and bringing out the animal in some too.

The Full Moon brings a powerful energy that can help to release that which was invoked at a New Moon. It brings a time for endings, completion, release, and harvesting. Many magick practitioners will use the Full Moon’s light and energy to recharge magickal tools, crystals, jewelry, or divination tools. Or they will go foraging for specific herbs under the light of a Full Moon. Full Moon energy is also used for banishing any negative and unwanted influences in your life and for protection spells. Many feel their psychic gifts grow stronger at this time as well.

The best times for Full Moon Magick runs from 3 days prior to, the night of, and 3 days after the Full Moon. So magickal workings for an increase, gain, and manifestation is best done when the Moon is in her waxing stage (from New Moon to Full Moon. And magickal work for decreasing, release, and banishing is best done during the waning Moon (from Full moon to New).

Not everyone uses the Moon solely for magickal workings but simply to recognize and honor her energy. It can be a time to connect to the Mother Goddess, to meditate and draw upon her energies, and to bring emotional healing.

Our current Full Moon is in Libra which makes this a good time for workings that revolve around bringing balance and cooperation. It can be used to enhance artistic and creative works and projects. It’s also good for work relating to justice, the law, unions, and partnerships (both business and personal), and bringing spiritual, karmic, and emotional balance. Healing work for lower back or kidney ailments is also popular under a Libra Full Moon.

I was taught a chant ages ago for that time when our Moon is Full:

Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground

You can make your own Full Moon oil as well. I’ve seen many recipes out there but this is the basic one I have used for years:

Full Moon oil
3 parts rose oil
1 part jasmine oil
1 part sandalwood oil

You can add an oil to represent the astrological sign the Moon is in, to this mix. And there are many sites online that can teach you the properties of herbs to use for Moon Magick.

Try taking some time tonight to sit in silence and call to the Moon to energize and recharge you!

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