How to Freeze Skin Tags Off

Is freezing a skin tag the best way to get it off?  This probably isn’t something you have considered if you have never had a skin tag.  A skin tag can be a small or large skin flap that develops in areas of friction.  Some examples are the underarms, eyelids, creases around the neck, or around the groin and genitals.  Skin tags can be painful and they can start bleeding when they become caught on jewelry or clothing.  They are also unsightly, which is why many people choose to have them removed.

Best Freezing Methods For Skin Tags

Freezing skin tags off can be done in a number of ways.  Some of these options will require a visit to your doctor.  Other options can be done by yourself from home.   It’s important to pick one that you feel most comfortable doing.


Cryotherapy is a method that is well known for removing skin tags.  It needs to be done by a doctor because it uses liquid nitrogen, which freezes living tissue and kills it.  These special canisters of liquid nitrogen have a nozzle attached to allow for precision application. Due to liquid nitrogens ability to instantly kill living tissue, great care is required.  Some doctors will apply a local anesthetic to the area just before freezing.  This ensures that the procedure is the least painful.

Dry Ice

The use of dry ice to freeze skin tags off also needs to be done by a doctor.  This is another type of cryotherapy and very simple to do.   Your doctor will place a piece of dry ice on the skin tag.  Like liquid nitrogen, it will kill skin cells.  This also prevents the skin tag from growing any further.

Wart Remover

Some wart removers can also be used to freeze skin tags off too.  While it may sound a bit odd, an ingredient called salicylic acid is what does the trick.  Products like Wart Remover Kit can be found in any drugstore or pharmacy.  There are several brands to choose from and are applied topically.  Just make sure it has salicylic acid as an ingredient.  Before you do this, check with your doctor.  You want to make sure it’s a skin tag that you have and nothing else.

The wart remover is applied on and around the skin tag.  You will need to be careful if the skin tag is close to any sensitive areas, such as your nose, mouth, or eyes.  Also, be sure to keep away from cuts and abrasions.  The number of applications needed will depend on factors, such as the size of the skin tag.  Generally, a number of applications will be needed.

How to Freeze Skin Tags at Home

As mentioned earlier, cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen should be done by a doctor.  However, while it isn’t recommended, it can be done at home. If you choose to do this yourself, you will need to use extreme caution.  You may wish to speak with your doctor first so that you know what is involved.

The things you will need are protective gloves, tweezers, and liquid nitrogen.  Keep in mind that liquid nitrogen can quickly kill living cells and tissue.  Make sure that you thoroughly read all of the instructions regarding handling liquid nitrogen before you begin.

Your first step will be to dip your tweezers into the liquid nitrogen.  Hold the tweezers in it for a few seconds.  Take the tweezers and grasp the skin tag from the bottom.  It’s important to grasp it from the bottom to ensure it does not come back.  Keep the pressure on it for at least 10 to 15 seconds.  You then pull the tweezers away and the skin tag should easily come away.


Generally, Cryosurgery for freezing skin tags off is a procedure that is safe.  However, in rare cases, complications can occur. Normally you will experience a bit of redness at the site of removal.  Some may experience inflammation or irritation of the skin.  In other cases, a blister may form at the site of removal.  In the more rarer cases, you could develop an infection.  All of these instances are something that your doctor will know how to treat.


Skin tags developing during pregnancy is quite normal.  It is best to check with your gynecologist if you think you have developed any.  If you want to remove the skin tags, it is recommended that you let your doctor do the procedure.  In sensitive areas, such as the vaginal area, a local anesthetic will be needed to lessen any pain.

Skin tags can disappear after you have given birth, so you may choose to leave them.  While they are not dangerous, if they are causing pain then it is best to have them removed.

How to Care For Your Skin after Skin Tag Removal

Having cryosurgery to remove a skin tag is relatively risk-free.  However, your doctor may decide to protect the area by covering it with a bandage before you leave the office.  They will give you a list of creams or lotions, and instructions on how to care for the area.  If you have questions, your doctor or their staff will be able to answer them.

Skin Tag Removal Cost

Cryosurgery can be expensive.  This is why it’s important to shop around for different healthcare providers who do the procedure.  You can ask your doctor if they offer payment plans.  It’s important to have pricing information before you have the procedure so there are no financial surprises later on.

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