While a common ailment and not dangerous, skin tags on the groin can be quite embarrassing. At first glance one may think they have contracted and STI and panic. A quick trip to your doctor will determine if what you have are vaginal skin tags or something else. There are many treatments one can use to remove unsightly skin tags that have developed on the body.

However, you need to take extra care when removing them yourself in sensitive areas, such as skin tags on the penis.

How do Skin Tags on the Groin Occur?

There are really no specific causes for the development of skin tags in general. They can occur with age, as a result of excessive cell growth or as a result of friction that can be created when skin rubs against skin, such as in the fold of the body. It is more common for people with diabetes or who are overweight to develop skin tags.
Pregnant women can also develop skin tags on the vagina as a result in changing hormone levels. Also, noted are athletes who use steroids developing skin tags due to collagen fibers bonding abnormally.

Since skin tags can develop from the friction of skin rubbing against it makes sense that they can develop on the groin area, such as the fold between the thigh and groin. Constant friction is usually the cause of a skin tag developing.

Different Types of Skin Tags on Penis

Groin and genital skin tags can come in a few types. For men, they typically form around the scrotum, penile shaft, or the head of the penis, especially on the penile skin and around the area of a circumcision line.

For women, skin tags can develop along the labia, which is less noticeable. In fact, you may not realize that you even have a skin tag unless it begins to become chafed by constant friction. Research has found that a woman’s menstrual cycle can often add to skin tag inflammation, which is a result of an increase in blood flow to the area.

Another area that skin tags can form is between joining point of the anus and outside skin area. Some research has found that anal skin tags can point to digestive issues, such as anal fissures and hemorrhoids. In these cases, the skin tags can erupt when there is damage to both inside and around the anus. This is why it is so important to treat skin tags them before they get out of control!

What is a Vaginal Skin Tag?

A skin tag is a fleshy growth that can come in many textures, sizes, shapes and colors. One may develop skin tags on the groin, around the anus or the vagina. Some may develop just one skin tag on the vagina, where others may get a cluster of skin tags. Rest assured, these growths are benign and will not harm your health, nor are they associated with having a sexually transmitted disease.

The Best Ways to Treat Skin Tags on the Penis and Vagina

Dermatologists have studied and tested a number of techniques through the years of dealing with skin tags or warts on penis and vagina. I have come across a number of methods that claim they are the best way to remove skin tags. Sadly, many of these options for removal don’t work well or don’t work at all. Furthermore, some of these guides can actually make your skin tag condition worse than it was before. Having experienced skin tags first hand, I am very aware of how much pain they can cause.

Like many skin tag sufferers, I have tried a number of different solutions over the years, and have tried hundreds of products for genital areas. However, very few of these have been successful in removing skin tags. Some of the products that I have found to work best are H-Skin Tags Formula OilH-Warts Formula and skin tag removal creams like Pristine Herbal Touch.

So, there is no worry about your skin coming into contact with harsh chemicals and no risk of scarring. You get enough to treat a number of skin tags, only need a few drops, and it will last a long time, making it a great value for your money.

You now know how to properly remove skin tags with dental floss, and have several over the counter products to choose from, if tying isn't something you want to do. All of these products work well, but some will take a bit longer than others to show results.

Skin Tag Product Reviews

You can find more information on all of these products on our website. Remember, each person is different and you need to find a method of removing vaginal skin tags that work best for you. At least with our guides, you won’t have to go through hundreds of products and disappointment.

As mentioned in this article, skin tags on the groin, penis, anus, or labia can turn into a big problem if you don’t treat them right away, which is why we highly recommend trying out the products we mentioned above!