Eyelid skin tag removal tends to be a bit more delicate due to the skin tags being in such a vulnerable area. Having them on your face, eyelid, or under the eye can be annoying and even affect your ability to see. While this can be a very sensitive area for eyelid skin tag removal, it isn’t impossible to get rid of them.

Is Eyelid Skin Tag Removal Safe?

Skin tags themselves are harmless and they usually appear on the neck, on the nipples, armpits and around the groin but having them in open areas, such as the face and around the eyes can look quite unattractive though. This is more so if you have them in a cluster. The problem most people face is that it eyelid skin tag removal, or skin tag removal of most kinds, is considered a cosmetic issue and not always covered by health insurance. It is because of this that many look to alternative methods that they can do from home.

What Causes Skin Tags around the Eye and Lid?

Skin tags in general form when folds of skin are rubbing together. Overweight and obese people tend to get these more often, as do the elderly. If you have eyelids that are puffy or folds around the eyes, that skin rubs together, thus causing a skin tag to form on the eyelid.

Surgical Options for Eyelid Skin Tag Removal

Care needs to be taken when working around the eye area and a lot of people may not feel comfortable trying to perform eyelid skin tag removal themselves. If you choose to have your doctor or dermatologist remove the skin tag for you it generally takes a couple of minutes and the skin tag is gone. This can be done by cutting or freezing the skin tag. With cutting you run the risk of a tag bleeding too much or becoming infected.

Safer Solutions for Eyelid Skin Tag Removal at Home

There are other options that are more natural and a bit safer to use near the eye to remove skin tags that have formed on the eyelid and under the eye. One popular option is using a natural, topical skin tag product and you can’t go wrong with H-Skin Tags Formula. It is 100% natural and gentle on the skin and contains antibacterial elements to wipe out all traces of skin tags. It does not leave any scars. We recommend using a cotton swab to apply to the clean skin tag and covering with a small band-aid. H-Skin Tags Formula will start to dissolve the tag in less than a week. Don’t worry, it will be painless. You can apply two or more times a day. Now, wait for about an hour in between applications. Remember that you do need to be cautious where you apply it if you are working around the eye area. The product it is 100% organic and its pure formula is safe to use on your body.

While using a skin tag removal device is a fantastic way to get rid of pesky eyelid skin tags, it may not be to everyone’s liking. If that is the case then have no fear! We have three more great products to share with you. The first product, HaloDerm Advanced Mole & Skin Tag Remover, is a cream that has been designed to kill off skin tags and leave the surrounding skin in much better shape than it was before! Skin tag removal creams work by reducing the amount of blood flow to the skin tag, causing the tag to die off and then break away from your eyelid. The cream also helps to protect your sensitive skin around the eyelid area. One of its features is an antioxidant that opens your pores and helps your skin breath.
Overall, using a skin tag cream, such as HaloDerm Advanced Mole and Skin Tag Remover is a fantastic way to get rid of those pesky eyelid skin tags. It also supports skin health by making the area look better, making this the perfect solution for you!
Next up is the H-Moles Formula from Amoils, a product with high quality plant extracts to help you to get rid of those bothersome skin tags. Its a permanent, fast, and targeted skin tag removal product. H-Moles Formula has been formulated to penetrate and clear away even the most stubborn of your skin tags, killing it from the root up. You need to apply it once or twice a day with a cotton swab or your fingers. While the product says it a safe, painless, and a scar-free option for removing unwanted skin tags, users have said it can be itchy a bit and can leave behind red spots. However, these will fade quickly. Its a cost-effective option because it saves you having to go to a doctor to have the skin tag removed. Even better is that the product offers a risk-free 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product.
Last up is this H-Warts Formula, which uses homeopathic and natural ingredients. Natural products can often have mixed reviews, because they may take longer to work. H-Warts Formula is entirely different because it’s a natural and safe solution for benign moles. You have everything inside so there is no need to buy extra tools or healing products. The two most critical components are Phytolacca decandra and Thuja occidentalis. This is a homeopathic remedy that has been around for years. It is an extract that most people have seen success with. Homeopathic solutions like this are based on the idea that ‘like cures like. This natural product is designed to be used in a step-by-step process and offers you the best chance of skin tag removal. However, it can take some time and be more tedious than other treatment options, like the H-Skin Tags Formula.
There are over the counter wart, mole and skin tag removers, such as Pristine Wart Mole Vanish, that supply you with an application method that is precise, allowing you to control how much of the substance you are applying. You may still feel some stinging, have eyes water or see a bit of redness after you have applied your treatment.  This will fade, however, in a couple of days. Given the proximity to the eye, you never want to use a substance that is runny or uses a chemical formula.  Remember, once the skin tag has turned into a black scab, do not pick at it or disturb it because this could cause scarring. One popular treatment used to kill off skin tags is tying or ligation but I don’t recommend to use this method on skin tags around the eye or on the lids.

Are there risks with eyelid skin tag removal at home?

Some methods can cause slight scarring for example, or there is a risk of infection. Remember that you need to take care when applying anything to a sensitive area. This is most important when working very close to your eye.  If you feel too anxious or are in doubt about doing a treatment yourself, speak to your doctor. Remember, natural doesn’t mean they are 100% safe to use. Some may have an allergic reaction to certain natural substances for example. The most obvious risk in eyelid skin tag removal is getting a substance in your eye.  Always follow the directions to a T for the product you are using. Use a cotton bud or something similar that allows you to apply a substance in a precise location.  You never want to pour any substance on a tag near the eye.  Also, never use a saturated cotton ball because this could drip the substance into the eye and do damage.


In summary, eyelid skin tag removal can be done in the home. It is recommended that you use natural methods and products to do so.  Methods such as tying, freezing or using a chemical peel to burn the skin tag are not recommended.

  • Use an applicator that allows for precise and controlled application, such as a cotton swab. Some treatments come with their own special applicator.
  • Don’t use chemical substances around the eyes.
  • Take care not to let substances drip into the eye.
  • Should you get a substance in the eye, rinse immediately and seek assistance if any irritation persists.
  • If you don’t feel confident enough to remove the skin tag yourself, visit your doctor for advice.