Letter to the Master

Letter to Reiki Master

Dear Master, for a while I do not write to you, I can not say that I’m particularly good but I know I have to fight and win, there is spirit. Self-handling goes on and I have to say that it is better to go every day, in the sense that for me it has become fundamental and I might even say it is indispensable.

These days when the hot weather is back is the only real energy that helps me to deal with everything. In this regard, I wanted to let you know that exactly three afternoons do while I was doing self-treatment, something that I think is not wonderful about the feelings I felt.
It has not been repeated today.But let’s go back three days ago when I suddenly saw a bright light that suddenly pervaded my body and went out, all around with beneficial force.

I did not feel anything at all physically in the sense that suddenly all the pains and bad feelings disappeared, only a sense of deep psycho-physical well-being, it was as if I had literally been detached from my body. I do not know how long it lasted, I opened my eyes and I was aware of the phenomenon that I experienced with deep abandonment without asking me anything.

It was a while, I do not know that the mechanism was able to activate consciously or unknowingly. I can assure you that in all my life I have never lived something like that and so deeply beautiful. In the following days I can also say that even though I have not been able to live the previous experience, I have managed to alleviate my pain, I do not know how, but this light I often see it circulating in my body, like a fluid and intense ripple.

But I must also tell you that things are moving inside me that I had tried to put aside to not suffer, they are slowly floating naturally and it is as if someone tells me “now you have to look at them and solve them, you can not ignore them “.
And I’m trying to do this too, though there is fatigue and pain, but everything is very natural in the sense that at the same time I feel inside me that everything will be resolved in the best of ways and will fortify, while before I was always very pessimistic.

I do not know what’s happening to me, the book says it does not believe but to try it personally, it’s really true! It’s an experience they should all do, I’m sure they can help infinitely. The most beautiful thing is practicality, the fact that you experience the results and growth of yourself and acquire an awareness of the world around you and of every other living being.

It’s not a dry reading but a real life experience. I wrote everything about jet, I hope I did not make mistakes but it was important that I did it to pull it off without thinking much.
Well, maybe that is also important, abandoning, following all that’s inside of me and having confidence even though at that moment everything is going wrong. “It will be resolved, good things will be done, cast and trust, do not be afraid, thrown” It’s just what tells me the voice that I feel inside me: “Do not plan anything, go ahead, then the doors will open, do not be afraid .
I hope it is the right spirit.
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