Pearl Salubrion Enso Reiki Timer

Reiki Clock Timer

Something I often encounter with Reiki sessions is how to time things without adding stress or clock watching. For that, you need a Reiki Timer.  Let’s face it. You want to focus on your client’s work and your client when giving a Reiki attunement.

Even those learning Reiki could use a timer to help them with their meditation because it takes the busy thought of timing out of the equation and lets you focus on the meditation at hand.

I’ve come across many timers geared towards alternative therapies, and my favorite one so far is the Pearl Salubrion Enso Timer.  It has many options and uses, and it runs on batteries so that you can take it anywhere.
Use it as a more relaxed wake-up alarm in your yoga routine, meditations, teaching Reiki, and doing your Reiki attunements and sessions for both yourself and others.

Enso Salubrion Reiki Timer –
Several Uses

The Enso Pearl Timer has several uses and benefits:

Yoga – helps to enhance your asana, meditation, or pranayama due to its ability to be set in a way that mirrors your own flow of motion.

Meditation helps you go deeper into your pose and breathing without worrying about time, freeing up your ability to concentrate.

Reiki – no more having to watch the clock during your Reiki sessions or practice.  With the repeating timer, you can set repeated 60 seconds, 5 minutes, or any duration of time you require for your sessions.

Therapy – therapeutic sessions are enriched with chimes that give you a subtle reminder at 50 minutes.  Since there are no numbers to distract you, you can easily and calmly see your sessions progress by the timers Enso ring.

Teaching – the use of a timer can bring structure to your teaching sessions, whether you are leading a yoga session, Reiki practice and attunements, or giving an exam.

Alarm Clock – the calming chimes of the Enso timer allow you to be awake,e refreshed, and calm in a peaceful transition process from sleep to consciousness.

The Enso Circle

This innovative little tool from Salubrion uses the Japanese Enso, which means circle.  The circle symbolizes elegance, enlightenment, and the universe itself.  With traditional methods, the Enso is painted clockwise using a single brush stroke. Instead, this reiki timer shows your time progress in a gradual circle that appears on its screen. It makes it easy to glance up and quickly know how much time you have left without having the distraction of having to focus on numerical digits.


Another aspect of the Pearl Salubrion Enso Timer is its interval time settings, allowing you to create sequential timers and run one after another to cover your overall session.  For example, when using it for a yoga routine, you can set your time for each yoga position for however long you want to spend in that position and then move on to the next until your full routine is done.  The reiki timer also gives you a repeat timing feature that you can use as a single timer with multiple repetitions.  Or, you can use it as a stopwatch to count up the time.  You have the option to set the timer in hours, minutes, and seconds too.

Relaxing Chimes

My favorite aspect of this reiki timer is the soothing chimes that signal the end of each interval. You have 5 sounds to work with; a traditional alarm beep, a gong, chimes, and 2 singing bowl sounds, one Japanese and one Tibetan. It also has a volume range between 1 and 9. The reproduction of the singing bowls sounds just like the real thing too.

Lastly, I like the convenience of placing the timer flat on the floor or being able to prop it up with its hinged stand that folds from out the back. It also comes with a nice carrying case.

It doesn’t just stop at those uses, though! I’ve used it as a lovely alternative for timing cooking in the kitchen, time-outs for children, and as a gentle reminder when I need to start on work or chores. I would definitely recommend having one of these Salubrion Reiki Timers.