Reiki for Animals

Reiki  is a natural and simple method which is not invasive and is an effective way to calm, relax and rebalance an animal. When an animal is relaxed, it works better physically and mentally. Any animal, reptile or bird may accept energy work. Even plants and trees appreciate the extra attention.

It is effective only if offered and received with mutual respect. You cannot force Reiki on an animal.

It is a way to help medication work more efficiently. Life and training come easier to an animal that is calm and relaxed. This means that service, partner or show dogs and animals can benefit from Reiki also.

Reiki is NOT a magic healing method. It goes where it is needed first and foremost regardless of where the people around the being think it is supposed to go.

It is a method that works WITH and SUPPORTS Veterinary care. Reiki is NOT a substitute for medical care.

Reiki is NOT a way to delay or avoid a final outcome if the animal is meant to pass on. It is helpful both to the animal and its people in accepting the inevitable calmly and peacefully. Reiki needs no special equipment to work. Just space for the animal to decide where it would like to be and how it wants to receive the energy.

It is important that an animal be able to move in and out of the working space so they can take a break if needed (water, litter box etc.) or walk away if they decide they have had enough. Unlike humans, there is no amount or time calculation for animals. They set their own pace.

Domestic animals, especially cats and dogs, may enjoy hands on Reiki which naturally provides quicker results. The animal will tell me by approaching me on their own.

The larger animals such as tigers, lions, bears and buffalo I have dealt with tolerate and even enjoy human interaction depending upon their histories. These animals usually prefer to be a short distance away and respond accordingly. They are more likely to move around or pace while taking Reiki in increments.

This makes sense because it is not “natural” for a human being to be that close to a wild or exotic creature without being a meal or a threat. If an animal is not open to Reiki, they will let me know in whatever means necessary for me to get the message.
Fortunately, I usually get it fairly quickly.

This is a lion from the MGM Hotel Lion Habitat in Las Vegas. I watched her pacing alone in the enclosure with thirty people surrounding her and watching. I sent her my sympathy as she did not look happy. She responded by coming over and laying down in front of me. After she closed her eyes, I observed her for a few minutes before abandoning my spot to give others a closer look at her.

On the right is a South African Serval cat named Savannah. She resides at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center in South Africa.
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