Reiki – Long Story Short

Reiki the Universal Force

Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy: God-consciousness or Rei guides the life force energy or Ki in the practice of Reiki. In translation, Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy that uses universal wisdom and truth for healing and highest good. Reiki is channeled through the hands of a Reiki practitioner who has been attuned to transmit energy at higher frequencies.

The Reiki practitioner sets aside personal ego to employ intent and platonic universal love when applying therapeutic hands to the aura and energy centers of a clothed person. The recipient acquires this transmission of energy along with deep relaxation and healing intent.

The practitioner’s hands are used as a conduit for this pure and healing energy to be transmitted to the receiver (or oneself) as guided by the Higher Power. Reiki honors all belief systems and works regardless of expectation and belief–it even works while one is sleeping.

Reiki, then, is a channeling of beneficent universal life energy and the white light of love for one’s highest good. Reiki is a tool to ground and anchor people while they learn to just “be” and discover a joyous life. Perspective, intent, and universal love blossom and bloom within a Reiki practice.

Reiki is a pure and natural modality that is spiritual in nature, yet presumes no particular religion or religious philosophy. Reiki does not interfere or intervene with one’s personal religion or creed, but respects and relates to all belief systems while working for the highest good.

Reiki honors and augments modern medical practice, and is widely used in hospice centers, hospitals, and clinics across the world. Often referred to as therapeutic touch, healing touch, healing hands, or hot hands, it is practiced all around the globe.

Commonly used to reduce swelling, shorten recovery time, set a positive healing tone through the comfort, relaxation, pain management, and the support it offers, Reiki can do no harm.

The benefits of Reiki cause its practice to constantly expand as new practitioners learn Reiki and join the larger community of welcoming Reiki practitioners.
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