What To Expect In Reiki Wall Tapestries?

Sometimes, something simple to add a bit of peace and tranquility to your sacred space can make all the difference for some, its candles and soft lighting. For others, it’s aromatherapy and crystals.

Or, if you are like me, you like to cover your bare walls with something colorful and calming, like a tapestry.

I find this comes in handy for those who have begun their own Reiki training or practice.

They set up a room or rent a space, and the color scheme may not be inductive to calming, or the walls may be bland. But, if you put up a lovely tapestry, something with calming colors, or Reiki symbols, it can change the energy of that space.

Society6 makes some of the best tapestries I have found. Not only are their tapestries gorgeous, but they make sure the artists who put their time and love into their creations get paid for their wonderful work.

I love that you can buy them in 3 sizes, from small to large, making them great for covering just about any sized space you need. They are also made of 100% lightweight polyester, so they can also be used as window or door coverings because they allow air to flow through. They are very durable as well and can be used outdoors. The colors themselves are vivid, with sharp lines.

Back in 2015, when Society6 started to sell these wall tapestries, and I was very excited! I had just moved my Reiki setup into a small room that had bland walls and felt dull. So I purchased a few of these, including a large one to use as a separator between two tables. It immediately transformed the whole room and gave it that calming and peaceful vibe I was after.

I chose the Society6 Wall Tapestry Magical Path wall hanging, which is gorgeous and serene and makes it look like your wall leads to another world altogether.

I have the Society6 Wall Tapestry Lotus Flower Glow tapestry for my meditation area, and it really does help keep me focused. I even hung one across my ceiling.

The Infinite Stars Blossomed tapestry looks like you are looking up through the branches of trees and into the night sky. My clients have often commented on how beautiful these tapestries are and how calming it makes things feel.

They come in 3 sizes:

  • Small: 51″ x 60″ (130 x 150 cm)
  • Medium: 68″ x 80″ (173 x 203 cm)
  • Large: 88″ x 104″ (224 x 264 cm)

Another benefit of these tapestries is that they aren’t bulky and can be stored compactly, allowing you to take them wherever you need to go. For example, a friend of mine does travel massages and often has to set up a room in a shop or borrowed room for events.

So she takes these along to make the area feel more at home, and they don’t damage walls.

So, whether you need to dress up your meditation area, Reiki practitioner, or teaching area, or need something to act as a makeshift divider between client areas, these Society 6 Wall Tapestries are the perfect option.

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