How To Remove Skin Tags With Dental Floss

Who isn’t bothered by those flesh-colored things that are dangling from your skin? If you’ve got skin tags, you know what I mean. Like pimples you just can’t keep your eyes off of them. 

You may think that they are ugly and sometimes they even are. They probably are the most common growths or bumps found on the skin of an adult. But hey! The good news is that they are completely harmless. 

Most people remove skin tags due to cosmetic reasons and their most preferred method is removing the skin tag by tying it off with a dental floss. 

How Long Does It Take For Skin Tag To Fall Off With Dental Floss?

There’s no specific no. of days that it would take for the removal of a skin tag. Ligating a skin tag with dental floss will cut the blood supply of the skin tag and the skin tag may fall off in five to ten days.

How To Remove Skin Tags With Dental Floss

It also depends upon the size of the skin tag as well. The bigger the size the longer it will take the skin tag to completely dry out and fall off.

Ligation is the process of removing the skin tag by cutting off the supply of blood and oxygen by tying the stalk of the skin tag. Without the supply of oxygen and blood, the cells die and then the skin tag falls away. 

Is It Safe To Remove Skin Tag With A Dental Floss?

Well, this was also discussed in the previous article that it’s not a good idea to remove a skin tag on your own especially without having it checked out by a doctor first.

Can You Remove Skin Tag With Dental Floss
Can You Remove Skin Tag With Dental Floss

It would be better to let your doctor take care of it or remove the skin tag in the presence of a medic or someone with experience in first aid. 

What Could Go Wrong If I Remove Skin Tag With a Dental Floss?

What Could Go Wrong If I Remove Skin Tag With a Dental Floss?
What Could Go Wrong If I Remove Skin Tag With a Dental Floss ?

If you try to remove a skin tag on your own there are chances that the skin tag might end up bleeding excessively. 

Why does this happen?

To answer this question let’s go back to what skin tags actually are. Skin tags are flesh-colored benign tumors. Did you know that benign tumors have their own blood supply? So naturally, your body delivers blood to them. 

The skin tag builds up a network of vessels. A few of them are sometimes bigger and larger than the capillaries present on the outer layer of your skin. So after removal, the skin tags bleed more than your average cut.

Is the Process of Removing Skin Tag With Dental Floss Successful?

Overall tying a skin tag with dental floss or tying it with any such other thread is successful.

GROSS Huge Skin Tag Falls Off Using Dental Floss

But you know how it is; with all methods, there’s some risk. The same goes for the ligation process. 

After you tie the skin tag off, over the next course of days the tag should get smaller and it will change its color, going from a lighter flesh color to blackish or purplish color (insert the link of black skin tag article here)

If you don’t notice any such change at all after a few days have passed, then it’s probably not working.

It’s most probably that you didn’t tie it around the stalk or you haven’t tied it that tightly that it will cut off the supply of blood and oxygen to the skin tag. And you may have to start the whole process from scratch.

Is There A Substitute Of Dental Floss For Removing Skin Tag?

Well, there are substitutes for dental floss if you’ve got none in the house to remove skin tags.

You could use threads to remove skin tags. But it’s highly recommended that you only stick to dental floss.

Why is that?

A sewing thread is so thin that it can cut into your skin. This will cause irritation and cause major bleeding. If you only have a thread available then make sure that you don’t tie it too tightly. Try to watch any signs of irritation and swelling as well. 

Is Removing Skin Tag With Dental Floss Painful?

Tying up a skin tag with dental floss can be painful and may start throbbing a little. It will also be sensitive to touch.

If you find it too painful then you can apply some ice or some other cold substance to it. You can also take over-the-counter medications for pain (if necessary).

But experiencing unbearable pain is quite rare. If you already have a swollen or infected skin tag that may be bleeding ten you should avoid ligating the skin tag with dental floss.

Is There A Chance Of Getting Infection By Using Dental Floss For Removing Skin Tag?

Using the ligation method, you’ll still have to be aware and check it on a daily basis to see how it is doing.

Infection is always a possibility in every case especially in the process of removing skin tag with a dental floss.

If the dental floss is not clean or has germs that you’ll be risking that area to get infected.

If you notice any signs of infection then you should contact a doctor as quickly as possible.

Since this method will probably cause some mild discomfort as you are cutting off the oxygen and blood supply, you can’t use the pain as an indication that an infection has set in.

You should watch for other signs of infection. Due to this reason, many people prefer using the TagBand skin tag removal device.

The Reduction Of Size During Ligation Treatment:

Skin tags get their size depending upon the amount of the blood flow that is getting to them.

So that’s why a skin tag should not get any bigger while it’s tied up, but actually the opposite. It should get smaller and fall off. When there’s more blood flow, the size of the skin tag will increase.

Similarly when there is less blood and oxygen supply the tag will get smaller in size and fall off which is exactly what you want to happen.

If in case it does the opposite and starts swelling, these are definitely not good signs and you should go to the doctor immediately and get it checked.

You should also check for any bleeding.

As long as the dental floss wasn’t tied that tight that it cuts into your skin, there should be no bleeding at all.

If you do notice some, then it’s likely because of getting infected and needs to be looked at by a doctor immediately.

Oregano Oil To Help Remove The Skin Tag With Dental Floss:

Oregano oil has been found to successfully remove skin tags along with moles, warts and unsightly blemishes from the skin.

Note: Whenever you use any essential oil, especially oregano oil, you’ll need a carrier oil (coconut or olive oil) to dilute the essential oil so as to safely apply on the skin tag.

Apply the oregano oil directly on the skin tag that you wish to remove. It will numb the skin tag as well as cleanse the area. By numbing the skin tag you can then easily tie the string or dental floss around the skin. 

Just pull the skin tag while it’s numb and tie the string at the base of its stalk. 

Tip: Tie a double knot with the dental floss. It will create a tighter and a more secure knot.

Once the skin tag falls, you should continue applying the oregano oil to the area at least three times per day and then put a band-aid on it to cover it up.

Pay any attention to the skin tag over the next few days and keep a close eye to any changes in the color. Keep it bandaged until it’s fully healed in order to avoid any irritation or infection.

How To Safely Remove Skin Tag Using Dental Floss:

Before starting to remove a skin tags, here are some steps to keep in mind when removing a skin tag using dental floss,

The Correct Diagnosis:

Are you sure it’s a skin tag? Maybe it’s a wart. Before removing you should first make sure that you’re actually removing a skin tag and not a wart.

Sterilising The Area:

Before removing the skin tag make sure that the skin tag and the surrounding area is properly cleaned.

Clean the area properly with water and soap and then apply absolute alcohol to the surrounding area and the skin tag.

This will help prevent any attack from germs or bacteria and hence fewer chances of infections.

Tying The Dental Floss:

Identify where the stalk is.

A stalk is a branch which attaches to the skin tag. Precautionarily tie the dental floss around the stalk.

Wrap it around the bottom.

Tie it with a little force.

Enough force that stops the circulation of the blood but not so tight that it can harm your skin and cut off into it.

Cleaning Everyday:

Sterilize the tag everyday. It’s advised that you put a bandage over your skin tag so that it doesn’t get injured or get irritated by other objects or clothing.

Check the area every day and keep reapplying alcohol swabs to that area in order to avoid getting it infected.

Final Verdict:

Falling off a skin tag using dental floss depends upon the size of the skin tag. The bigger the skin tag, the more time it will take for the skin tag to fall off.

Skin tag size depends upon the amount of blood in the tag. The more blood, the bigger will be the skin tag.

You need to safely do the whole process of ligation in order to avoid any complications. You need to check out for any infections, swelling, and irritation after tying the skin tag.