Self Reiki Treatment: 12 A-Z Position You Need to Know

Today, there are numerous health problems and conditions that affect our daily lives. Yet, the medical field has not failed as they work non-stop to solve these health issues. In this process of trying, even spiritual therapies have gained popularity.

The elites in the field are practicing alternative spiritual therapies such as Reiki. What do you know about Reiki treatment? No need to worry.

This article discusses in detail all about reiki ranging from what it is, how to do it yourself, its safety during pregnancy, and many more.

Closure: I came up with this article after finishing this course and practiced self-treatment for about 7 weeks.

Let’s dive right in!

What is “Self Reiki Treatment”

Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment

Reiki treatment also referred to as energy healing, is an alternative therapy that emerged in Japan in the 1800s. This treatment uses the energy within the body to improve symptoms of other illnesses, depression, anxiety, sense of well-being, and pain.

According to this energy therapy, physical injuries or emotional pain can stagnate your energy, leading to energy blocks. These energy blocks can cause illnesses. So what reiki treatment does is, clears the energy blocks in the body. The patients have reported having experienced relaxation, faster healing, and reduced pain with energy blocks cleared.

What is self reiki treatment?

Self-reiki treatment is where you use the energy force within you to boost your natural body’s healing abilities. Self-reiki treatment should be limit to not more than 60 minutes every day. 20 minutes in the morning and evening is a good routine.

self reiki treatment
self reiki treatment

Reiki self-treatment involves different hand positions, which you can perform while lying on your back on the floor, bed, sofa, or even sitting on a chair. First, you should completely relax your mind and body to make a mental note on which area of the mind or body needs special attention in your session.

If the duration of your session is 20 minutes, you should perform each hand position for 2 minutes. After a few sessions, these hand positions will come naturally to you out of practice.

5 Principles of Reiki

Similar to other spiritual therapies, reiki is guided by fiveBut, disciples. These principles are compared to daily intentions and affirmations. Reiki’s principles are the guidance to the healing and balance of your reiki energy. 

Let’s look into these principles of Reiki;

  • Just for today, I release angry thoughts

We are all prone to anger. Various factors in our daily lives can trigger this anger. With reiki treatment, you learn that the anger energy causes this anger inside of you. Therefore, you should be able to recognize the anger within you and let it go. By doing this, you welcome happiness in your life.

  • Just for today, I release thoughts of worry

As humans, we find ourselves worried about what might happen in the future. This worry often leads to panic, anxiety, and negative thoughts. But, again, this worry is caused by the worry within you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be worried at all.

With this principle, you release the worry energy and live in the present. This helps you minimize your worries about the future.

  • Just for today, I am grateful

What are you grateful for? Well, sometimes, we’re not able to recognize, visualize, or name the things we’re grateful for. This reiki principle helps identify things around you that you should be grateful for and express your gratitude. When doing this, you should let your heart expand. This will increase your positive energy.

  • Just for today, I expand my consciousness.

How conscious are you of your surroundings? This principle helps you how conscious you have been about appreciating every present moment.

  • Just for today, I am gentle with all beings

To be gentle to others, you have to be gentle with yourself first and let all those feelings of anxiety and guilt go. This principle teaches you that by being gentle to others, you foster positive energy.

How Many Reiki Hand Positions are There?

How Many Reiki Hand Positions are There?
How Many Reiki Hand Positions are There?

As mentioned above, reiki self-treatment involves using hands to bring healing and attention to various parts of your body. There are ten hand positions you can perform during Reiki self-treatment. You shouldn’t be worried about memorizing the positions because each hand position is a powerful as the next one.

Below are ten hand positions you can perform in your reiki self-treatment session.

  1. Prayer position

The first position is to put your hands together in the middle of your chest in a prayer position. In this position, concentrate on your inhales and exhales to relax your mind and body completely.

  1. Head 

Place your hands on top of your head gently while taking deep relaxed breaths. All your focus should be on the position of your hands. Let this position relax the muscles and skin of your head.

  1. Face 

Place both of your hands to cover your face while taking slow deep breaths. Allow this position to relax the skin and muscles in your eyes, forehead, and face.

  1. Throat

Place your right hand over your throat and your left hand over your heart while taking deep relaxed breaths. Let all your focus be on your heart and throat. Allow this position to relax your neck, throat, and upper chest.

  1. Ribcage 

Place your hands below your breast line while taking deep breaths. This hand position should relax the muscles in your rib areas and the center of the chest.

  1. Tummy 

Place your hands on your tummy gently and take slow deep breaths. Focus on this area of your body and allow the relaxation of the muscles in this area.

  1. Pelvis area

Place each of your hands over each pelvic bone with your fingertips touching. Allow this hand position to relax your pelvis area completely.

  1. Shoulders

Place your hands on your shoulder muscles while taking slow deep breaths. Allow the relaxation of your shoulder muscles completely.

  1. Lower back

Place your hands above your waistline and kidney area. Repeat taking those deep, slow breaths and let your lower back muscles relax completely

  1. Feet 

Place your hands on either the tops or soles of your feet. Try your best not to strain yourself because complete relaxation of the body and mind is needed to achieve your seeking result.

Reiki Hand Positions For Pregnancy

Since Reiki is a spiritual energy healing treatment, its risk to a mother or child is non-existent. Performing self-reiki during pregnancy has various benefits to both the mother and the baby in their womb. Some of these benefits include;

  • Reiki can make a baby who had not moved previously move in the womb,
  • It can keep the baby calm or excited
  • It strengthens the unborn baby-mother bond
  • Eases the stress and worries that come with pregnancy
  • Relieves physical pains and pregnancy symptoms

So, how do you perform the self-reiki treatment when pregnant? Let’s dive right into it.

  1. Find a comfortable chair to sit on with your feet flat on the floor without shoes or socks on. Make sure your back is straight.
  2. Start by placing your hands together in a prayer position and mentally recite the five principles of reiki.
  3. Set your reiki session intentions
  4. Place your hands at the top of your head. Move them over your eyes and forehead. Then over your throat and finally over your heart. 
  5. Next, place your hands on the ribcage area under your breast line and allow relaxation in this area.
  6. The next area your hands should be positioned is the navel center. This is where you and your unborn baby are connected the most.
  7. Place your hands on your pelvis bones and focus on relaxing the muscles in this particular area. The pelvis area becomes strained during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester. 
  8. End your reiki self-healing session with a closing meditation and gratitude for reiki. 

Reiki Selt-treatment FAQs

Does Reiki work?

Reiki’s treatment effectiveness has not been scientifically proven, thus the controversies that surround it. Those who have received reiki say it works as it helps them relax, reduce pain, stress, depression, and anxiety.

How should I feel after a reiki session?

As it is the sole purpose of the treatment, you may feel deeply relaxed and calm after the session. The result and experience can, however, vary from person to person since the treatment is subjective. For example, some people may feel greatly energized after the session, while others may fall into deep meditative sleep.

How long does it take to become a Reiki master?

One year between the first and second-degree classes is the minimum requirement to become a Reiki master. Also, the experience of practicing for two years is preferred.

What is a Reiki level 1 practitioner?

The level 1 practitioner of reiki is simply the initiation/ introduction to reiki. This level is open to anyone.

Wrapping up

Reiki self-treatment is therapeutic and spiritual healing that focuses on the energy within our bodies. This treatment was originally used in Japan. Reiki can be either self-treatment or performed by a practitioner.

Reiki self-treatment involves the use of hand positions on various areas of the body. This treatment provides amazing effects like reduced pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and many more. It is also beneficial for pregnant women.

If you love spiritual healings, then you should try reiki!

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