Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan singing bowls and wall tapestries have often been used for just such a purpose. Whether you have someone playing them in the background for you, or are using them yourself, these powerful tones can help heal.

Part of giving a Reiki Treatment to a client is creating a calming space for everyone to be able to relax in. Some will use soft music, incense, and low lighting. After a day of helping to heal others, or during your own Reiki Training, its good to have a way to calm the mind and body so that you can meditate and release the days energies.

One set of bowls that I feel are great is Silent Mind’s Hand Hammered B Crown Chakra set. These hand hammered singing bowls are of Nepalese design, are 4 – 4.5 inches in diameter and comes with pencil grip leather striker to play them. It comes with a hand sewn pillow that does dampen the sound of the bowls, allowing you to get a longer lasting and beautiful sound from your bowls.

What I like most about these bowls is that they are made to fit perfectly in your hand but don’t compromise on sound quality. This means its easy to take them along with you when giving home treatments to your Reiki clients.

The bowls can be used for sound therapy, meditation, during spiritual gatherings, or anywhere you feel the need to create and generate some positive energy. The tone allows the brain waves to synchronize with these otherworldly sounds, which can enhance mental clarity and creativity.

These Tibetan singing bowls can be used by all levels, from beginners to experts. The help to reduce stress and trigger the healing process, which makes it great for working with Reiki.

What most buyers loved about these bowls is how simple and beautiful they are. They have Tibetan writing around the inside of the bowl, the bowls have a high quality feel and you can see the craftsmanship put into them.

The sound the emanates from the bowls is clear and full, the weight and size makes them easy to handle and take along with you, balancing perfectly in your hand with no awkwardness. There is some main criteria when looking for any kind of musical instrument:

  • How long does the sound last?
  • How clear and pleasing is the tone?
  • Are there harmonic undertones and overtones?

Silent Mind has ticked all of the boxes with their Singing Bowls, which rivals some of the more expensive bowls out there. The sound that emanates from them is a very long one, has a pure and pleasing tone and is effortless to make. It also has some beautiful harmonic undertones.When looking around for singing bowls, I have found 3 types on the market:

  • Machine made
  • Hand hammered (partly machine made but hand hammered as well)
  • 100% hand made

Silent Mind’s Hand hammered bowls are 100% hand made, which tends to give the purest and most beautiful sound.

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As mentioned earlier, Tibetan Singing Bowls can be used for meditation, during Reiki training, Reiki attunements, Reiki healing sessions, and as a way to help create a calming vibe for yourself when you need it. I would definitely recommend having one of these in your Reiki tools.

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