Is Skin Tags Turning Black a Major Concern?

For most people, skin tags are close in color to the tone of their own skin.

There are instances when a skin tag can turn black or develop that color.

Skin tags develop in a number of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. Black skin tags are quite common and not something to worry about.

However, when skin tags turning black, that tends to be more noticeable, which can be embarrassing when it’s in a more visible area of the body.

skin tag turning black
skin tag turning black

Of course, you will want to remove these black skin tags. A question that many ask is whether a black skin tag needs to be treated any differently, or if they are dangerous.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags that Turned Black

For those with fair or light skin tones. A black skin tag will be more noticeable than on darker skin tones.

There are many cases of skin tags that started out as skin toned or brown and then turn black suddenly. It isn’t something to worry about though! When a skin tag begins to die off it turns black.

From there, it will fall off on its own without intervention or treatments.

When a skin tag has reached this stage you may experience symptoms, such as irritation or discomfort can occur.

This is especially true of black skin tags that have developed on the eyelids or other sensitive areas.

In reality, it’s not the actual skin tag, but rather the skin underneath the skin tag that is being affected. One way to alleviate these symptoms is to moisturize the area well.

Skin tags that have turned black tend to fall off within a few days from the time they changed color.

There are some instances where it doesn’t however, and in these cases, you can quicken the process using a number of skin tag removal techniques.

Brown Skin Tags

95% of the skin tags that develop are brown.

You can treat brown skin tags with any number of over the counter products or home remedies.

The only time when you may need the assistance of a professional for skin tag removal is if it’s a large one. Large skin tags tend to bleed quite a bit when being removed.

Red Skin Tags

A skin tag turns red when it becomes irritated. Irritation occurs due to friction in most cases, as well as a build-up of pressure from within the skin tag.

It’s important to remember not to try to pop these red skin tags. Some will experience irritation, itching, and discomfort or pain around the area of the skin tag.

Red skin tags can be treated the same as a brown or skin toned tag. However, there is one difference to be mindful of.

Treating these red skin tags can take longer than it would for a brown tag.

This means you will have to cope with irritation for a bit longer than usual.

Another reason for a skin tag to turn red is when it has become inflamed or infected. These tags may become larger than normal.

They can also cause redness to develop around the skin tag area.

In these cases, there tends to be more bleeding as a result of there being more blood in the skin tag.

Dealing When Skin Tags Turning Black

Dealing When Skin Tags Turning Black
Dealing When Skin Tags Turning Black

It’s something that skin tag sufferers dread.

Getting up one day, looking in the mirror, and finding that your skin tag has turned black overnight.

It can be concerning for many people, causing them to worry that they have developed a serious health issue or skin condition. They will also want to remove it quickly if it’s in a noticeable place.

In most situations, a black skin tag will fall off on its own. It can take three to ten days, however.

What do you do if yours hasn’t fallen off after a couple of weeks? It’s at this point that you should ask for medical advice from your doctor.

Not to worry though! A black skin tag doesn’t indicate a health issue. It does, however, indicate the health of the skin tag itself.

You will want to keep an eye on the surrounding area of the skin tag, making sure irritation doesn’t occur.

Skin Tag that has Always Been Black

Some people will develop a skin tag that has always been black. Only a small percentage of skin tags will begin like this.

Skin tags that start off black pose no real health significance.

However, it’s a good idea to have it checked in case it’s a mole that has developed.

Skin Tag that has Turned Black Suddenly

Is Skin Tags Turning Black a Major Concern?

Why does a skin tag suddenly turn black? It’s really quite simple. When the supply of oxygen is cut off from the skin tag it begins to die.

This causes it to become black and then eventually fall off without the need for treatment.

Many wonder what causes a skin tag to reach this stage of dying off. This can occur when the skin tag has become twisted, blocking its ability to receive oxygen.

Skin tags feed off of oxygen so it is essentially starving.

Some will notice that redness and tenderness develop around the area of the skin tag as well.

You can relieve this by applying moisturizer to help the surrounding skin to recover and heal.

To summarize, a black skin tag, whether it began that way or has turned black, is a positive sign.

It means the tag is dying and will fall off soon. You won’t need any additional treatments for this.

If you have had a black skin tag for a couple of weeks and it still has not fallen off, you should consult your doctor.

For those who want to quicken the dying-off process, using a natural treatment, such as Tea Tree oil, can be effective.

You can also use a freezing or trying off treatment.