Tarot reader, psychic, clairvoyant, or medium…know the difference!

During my years of spiritual work, I have often come across people who really don’t know the difference between a tarot reader, a psychic, a clairvoyant, and a medium. And it’s really important to acknowledge the differences between the three so that you get the service you are after.
For example, not all psychics are mediums who can connect with Spirit and those who have passed on. Not all Mediums have a psychic ability to see into the future or see what is around you in the present. And not every Tarot reader is equipped to deal with people who are looking for that connection with dear Aunt Franny in the Spirit world.
Yes, some readers have the added skill of being a psychic, clairvoyant, or medium and vice versa. So let’s look at the differences between these.
Tarot Readers 
Tarot was not originally meant to tell one’s fortune or future. Rather it was meant as a tool to connect with your higher self. So really, a Tarot reader is like a neutral party who can help tap into your higher self and guide you forward. They have a very profound understanding of the varied meanings of the cards and combinations of those cards. We usually call these Straight Tarot Card Readers. They can give you the information you are after along with some solutions to your situation.
There are also those who choose the title of Psychic Tarot Reader. And these are people who combine their tarot knowledge with their intuitive or psychic abilities. So a Psychic Tarot reader can not only give you the detailed information you are after but they are usually able to give information on all levels of the past, present and future.
Notice earlier (above) I said intuitive OR psychic ability! There is a difference between intuition and psychic ability. The primary difference is one of degree. We commonly think of the intuition as a strong feeling, instinct, or gut reaction. Intuition is usually more accurate than we recognize, but it can sound fuzzy or unclear like hearing someone talking in the distance. It’s more of an impression than a precise insight. Everyone has intuitive feelings, but as a culture, we’ve trained ourselves to ignore them.
Psychic ability, on the other hand, is the refined use of intuition. It is more active and precise. Psychic insight requires you to focus your intuition without the distracting clutter of random thoughts. You have to train yourself to quiet your mental hustle and bustle in order to hear that distant voice. (Actually, it’s not so much distant as it is quiet.)  This requires practice, trust and, very often, training.
This brings me to Mediums and Psychics – What’s the difference?
I can’t tell you how many times I have had someone come to me for a reading expecting that I could conjure up a long gone loved one because I am labelled as an Intuitive.
A Medium serves as a channel for communication for the other side, Spirit, loved one’s who have crossed over. They can connect with loved ones or spirit guides. And while a medium can be intuitive (clairsentience), a psychic is sensitive only on an intuitive level as with remote viewing or predictive work and does not get their messages from those on the other side. The line is a fine one, and many have both abilities calling themselves psychic mediums. Some prefer the word “intuitive” now rather than “psychic” due the stigma con artists have left to the word.
There are 5 basic categories that define specific mediumship and Psychic talents. We call these the 5 “clairs” – These are mental impressions received without the use of the physical organs.
Clairaudience – extrasensory data perceived as sound
Clairscent – extrasensory data perceived as taste
Clairsentience – extrasensory data perceived as feeling or awareness
Clairvoyance – extrasensory data perceived as heightened sight.
Clairsavorance – extrasensory data perceived as taste
Psychics are those are able to “read you”. The word Psychic comes from the Greek word Psyche, meaning “breath of life”, i.e. “soul or spirit”. Someone who is Psychic is said to be in touch with their, and anybody else’s, soul. Therefore they can perform a soul reading, where they can connect with someone’s soul, through their aura energy field (which is really an extension of the body), and read information about a person’s past, present, and possible future. It’s a mental connection that they can make.
A Clairvoyant is someone with the ability to see things beyond our normal senses. And they will use one or more of the 5 clairs listed above. There are also Mediums who can channel or pick up Spirit through a clairvoyant ability. Some Mediums sense the arrival of Spirit as a specific smell associated to the deceased for example.
Going back to tarot reading and what I mentioned earlier about it not meant to be a means to “fortune tell” – As a reader, I tend not to give too much future information or minute details for the client to get caught up in, as I believe it is subject to change. Even though things are generally mapped out for us, we still have free will and the ability to ‘change our fate’.
For example, if I were to tell someone I see them meeting a new love in two months time while on holiday, it means that I can see that happening based on the path they are walking at the present time of the reading. If they then go out and plan a holiday unexpectedly to try and force this meeting to happen, the chances are they won’t meet the person I saw for them because they have ‘changed their own fate’, by arranging a holiday. It may have been that they would have met them via a business trip abroad that they now won’t be on, because they are away from work, on holiday!
Another example would be people demanding precise physical attributes for their future Mr. or Ms. Right. Dangerous waters to tread folks. In this day and age people can change their appearance: hair dye, coloured contacts, surgery. And they can change their current circumstances. I may see a man who, at that moment I am doing the reading, is working as a driver, has dark hair, etc.. But in 6 months time when the client meets them, they may be out of work, have changed their hair colour – the point I am making here is that we shouldn’t get so caught up in the little details that we miss the actual experience. Meeting a great guy but passing off the opportunity because they don’t look the way you were told is a sure way to have disappointments. What if that new guy is friends with the person you are eventually meant to be with? You just blew that chance! So it’s important to not have preconceived ideas about how, who, and when something will happen. Go with the flow!
But back to the original point of this post – don’t assume that just because someone can read Tarot that they have the gift of mediumship, psychic ability, or clairvoyance. It’s not fair on the reader to make such an assumption and then get angry or disappointed, and bad mouth the reader because you didn’t take the time to find out what skills they have and the difference between them all. Professional Readers of all ilk and skills are there to help you to the best of their ability. So ask questions, choose wisely, and you are more likely to have a better reading experience.

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