The Mindfulness Meditation Practice

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Meditation or quieting the mind is key to many complementary modalities. By dismissing distracting thoughts, fears, and worries from one’s mind, one can develop a meditation practice that employs peaceful breathing techniques to arrest the inner chaos.

Guided imagery is a directed form of imagination or daydreaming that balances mind and body by employing the sensory impressions of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch in a holistic and non-intrusive manner.

Guided Imagery and led meditation free the mind from distraction through focus on themes or inspirations presented by the leader. Balancing with meditation and guided imagery results in inner well-being-a natural state of inner peace and balance.

While we need some stimulation to be alert, our culture’s fast pace, our own and the perceived expectations of others, self-recrimination, perfectionism, and hosts of other factors frequently upset this inner balance.

Stress, anger, fear, frustration, pain, hatred, animosity, and negativity tend to weigh on our minds and can claim an undue share of our consciousness that, in turn, upsets our balance.

Breathing practice and freeing the mind through meditation is key to divesting oneself of these distractors. The quiet state of meditation allows one to return to the natural state of inner well-being where energy and breath move freely without restriction or blockage.

Practicing mindfulness meditation (focused concentration), alternate nostril breathing (focus on the breath and its effect on the autonomic system that drives the body’s physiological responses), meditation that clears the mind (develops mental abilities to achieve balance and inner peace), mantra meditation and chanting (using universal sound to achieve holistic health), and walking meditation (a measured contemplation and nature observation technique) all restore balance and rejuvenate the mind-body-spirit.

Journaling is another modality that reaches deep inside past the noise of our fears and doubts to that inner state of calmness, well-being, and wisdom.

Journaling includes guided sessions to develop one’s creative side. Purging and cleansing often occur through this process of reflection, as it does through other modalities like Reiki, sound therapy, meditation, and guided imagery.
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