Top Tips for Getting Rid of Skin Tags in Sensitive Places

If you find yourself poring over lists of the best skin tags home remedies, but rarely discovering anything about their suitability for sensitive areas, you are in the right place. Whilst tips and suggestions for how to get rid of skin tags are plentiful and certainly not hard to track down, much less is shared about treatments for regions like the groin, neck, eyelids, and anal area.

These regions are very important because a lot of skin tag sufferers feel too embarrassed to go to the doctor – the situation is made even worse if the blemishes are in a sensitive place. Yet, learning how to get rid of skin tags is remarkably easy, so nobody should have to struggle or worry about these pesky little flaps of skin.

To find out how to get rid of skin tags naturally, take a closer look at this step by step guide to the best treatment techniques for sensitive areas of the body.

Step One: Give the Area a Thorough Inspection

If you do have clusters of skin tags in awkwardly placed areas like the eyelids, you might need to sit down with a handheld mirror and give the region a little inspection before you take any action. This is just to inform you of how big an area needs treating, whether there is any danger to eyes or other body parts, and what the best approach will be. If the skin tag which you want to treat is quite prominent, you might need to see a doctor – only small to medium tags can be safely dealt with at home.

Step Two: Clean and Dry the Treatment Area

When you are ready to start your home treatment, gently clean and dry the affected area as you would normally. So, you can do this is the shower, if you prefer. The skin must be totally dry before you proceed with any home remedies.

Step Three: Select the Perfect Home Remedy

More often than not, it is the simplest home remedy that turn out to be the most effective at removing a skin tag. Whilst using something like nail polish might sound strange and implausible, the explanation behind its use is actually rather simple.

If you coat skin tags with nail polish, you cut off their oxygen supply and they very gently shrivel up and fall off. This is a great method for anybody who wants to get rid of skin tags in sensitive areas because you can easily control the flow of liquid and prevent it from harming your eyes or surrounding skin.

Step Four: Slowly Apply the Home Remedy

If you are treating areas on or around the eyes, do be sure to move slowly. There is no reason to rush, so take it easy and apply a little of your chosen home remedy (tea tree oil, banana peel, lemon juice, nail polish, liquid bandage, etc.) at a time. You might find that gently pulling the skin outwards and away from the body allows you better access. Once applied, wait at least a couple of hours (preferably overnight) before removing.

Step Five: Repeat Until the Tag Falls Off

There should be no discomfort or pain involved with the home remedy, even if it is applied around the groin or on the eyelids. In fact, if you want to learn how to get rid of skin tags on the neck, simply cut up a small piece of banana peel and leave it against your skin – this is one of the mildest, but most effective, remedies available.

The trick to achieving total success though is perseverance. You must keep up with your chosen treatment until the skin tags begin to darken in color, shrivel, and eventually fall off.

Things to Avoid At All Costs

Clearly, any kind of tying and cutting remedy (both of which are commonly used to treat small tags) is a little too risky for a region like an eyelid. You are, therefore, strongly advised to stick to substance-based treatments only. Or, in other words, steer clear of any treatment which involves aggressively removing the tag – if the right method is used, it will eventually come to lose without any force whatsoever.

Whilst the tying-off method is not suitable for the eyelids, it could be used on areas like the neck. It is a basic technique, which simply involves looping a piece of string or thread around the base of the skin tag and pulling it tight. This entirely cuts off the blood flow to the tag (in the same way as applying mail polish does), until it eventually turns a dark and discolored tone and falls off.

Dealing with Skin Tags on the Eyelids

If you are keen to treat tags on the thin and delicate skin around the eyelids, opt for either an extremely mild home remedy (banana peel, for example) or one which does not involve a liquid substance. One suggestion is to mix up a paste using castor oil and baking soda, because it should be thick enough to prevent accidental spillages or dripping into the eyes.

Or, alternatively, there are some natural remedy guides which advise crushing a single aspirin tablet in a bowl, until it forms a fine powder, and then applying it to the skin tag with a plaster. It is best to leave the treatment in place overnight, remove it in the morning, and then repeat it 1-3 times every day until the skin tag begins to shrivel and fall off.

If you feel self-conscious about doing this at work or whilst out and about, just pop a regular skin plasters over the treatment area – nobody will bat an eyelid, so to speak. If you do struggle to find an effective way to get rid of skin tags or you are not confident about treating them at home, by yourself, you can always arrange a visit to the doctor.

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