What Causes A Skin Tag Pain?

If I asked you to rank different types of pain from something that is a minor annoyance to something intolerable, where would you place skin tag pain?

Many people put skin tag pain right at the top of the list!

Anyone who has had skin tags can tell you that there is nothing worse than having that constant itching sensation with skin tags.

In this article, we will review some of the health threats that skin tags pose, along with the best treatments to help get rid of them.

Skin Tags Basic Knowledge

It’s essential to understand what a skin tag is before looking at why they cause pain and choosing a treatment.  Knowing how they develop can lessen their future occurrence. Skin tags are soft, small, benign growths on the skin.

What Causes A Skin Tag Pain?

They often develop on a “stalk” of skin, giving them the appearance of a piece of skin that is hanging. They can develop on most areas of the body but tend to form where there is moisture and friction.  Areas such as the eyelids, groin, underarms, and breasts tend to be the more common places for them to develop.  This is because those areas in constant friction with your clothing,

Anybody can have a skin tag develop on their body.  There are, however, some who are more prone to developing skin tags.  This includes people who are overweight, diabetics, and the elderly. 

Pregnant women are also more prone to developing them because of the changes occurring in their levels of hormones.

What Causes Sudden Skin Tag Pain?

What Cause A Skin Tag Pain?
What Cause A Skin Tag Pain?

Now let’s look at what causes skin tag pain.  You may have had a skin tag for ages that never hurt. But suddenly, one day, it begins to cause a minor annoyance. 
This can then develop into incredible pain quite quickly.  It’s the location that the skin tag develops on your skin that can determine if it becomes painful or not. 

One example would have a black skin tag that has developed on the neck. 

Because of its location, it is prone to becoming caught on a sweater or shirt when removing clothing.  The skin tag can be ripped off or partially torn, which is what causes the pain.

You can avoid t if you are cautious around the skin tags.  Ensuring that they don’t get caught or often come into contact with clothing, jewelry, and other objects can save you from experiencing a lot of pain.

It isn’t just pain that you need to worry about when skin tags come into contact with clothing too often. 

The constant friction can cause irritation and inflammation of the skin tag.  This is when you see a normal colored tag suddenly turn to an angry red or even black

They may even swell in size from the irritation.  This is why it’s important to know where skin tags are located and take precautions against irritation.

How to Treat Skin Tags?

I’ve had many years of both studying and practicing Dermatology.  Over that time, I’ve seen no end of articles and guides for removing skin tags.  Some state theirs is the “best way” to do so, but many fail to do the job.  Several tips and information in articles end up causing the skin tag condition to worsen.

Having suffered from painful skin tags myself over the years, I have personally tested various treatments and products. 

All of these have made claims that they can remove those painful skin tags.  Some of them do work, and below are a few of the products I will highly recommend.  I have experienced incredible results with these:

I hope that this article has been of some help to you. Knowing what a skin tag is, where they can develop, what causes them, and how to prevent them from developing or getting worse can be a great help.

Most importantly, I’ve given you some treatments to remove them from my use and know they work.