What Causes A Skin Tag Pain?

If I asked you to rank different types of pain from something that is a minor annoyance to something that intolerable, where would you place skin tag pain? Many place it right at the top of the list! Anyone who has had skin tags can tell you that there is nothing worse than having that constant itching sensation that comes with having skin tags. In this article we are going to look at some of the health threats that skin tags pose, along with the best methods for getting rid of them.

What are Skin Tags?

Before we can look at skin tag pain and how to treat pre-existing ones, we need to first understand what they are. This will help to prevent them from occurring in the future. A skin tag is a small growth that can appear on practically any part of the body. Usually, they are found on areas of the skin that hold the most moisture, like the groin, armpits, eyelids, under the breasts, and most commonly in areas where the skin comes into constant contact with your clothes, causing friction.

While anyone can have skin tags form on their body, there are those who are more prone to them, such as the elderly, those who suffer from diabetes, and pregnant women, whose changing hormone levels make them more prone to skin tag development. Bearing that in mind, skin tags aren’t too fussy about whose body or where they develop on.

What Causes Sudden Skin Tag Pain?

So, you’ve had a skin tag for ages that had no pain, then suddenly it starts to act up. Skin tags can go from a simple skin annoyance to being incredibly painful growths in a matter of seconds. This is largely down to the manner in which they form on the skin. For example, if you have a tag on your neck and it gets caught in your shirt when you take it off, then it is going to rip off and leave you in a great deal of agony.

One way to prevent this sudden pain is to be extremely careful around any skin tags you notice, making sure that they don’t come into contact with your clothes and other objects very often.

Skin tags can not only cause you physical pain. Having contact with clothes also has the risk of having that growth go from their normal brownish color, to a throbbing bright red color. It can also cause it to swell up to an even larger size. In summary, that dormant skin tag can easily go to an active pain quickly if you manage to snag it on something, or if they are rubbing on clothing too much.

How to Treat Skin Tags?

After years of studying and practicing Dermatology, I have seen hundreds of guides on “The best way to remove skin tags”, however, most of them simply aren’t true and some of the tips that these articles suggest can actually make your skin condition worse.

I know how much skin tags can hurt and over the years I have personally tried and tested hundreds of products that claim to help remove painful skin tags. I highly recommend using one of the following products, as I have seen fantastic results with them myself!

  • Skin Tag Remover Device – like Micro TagBand
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • H-Skin Tags Formula
  • HaloDerm All Natural Skin Tag Removal Cream

Hopefully, you have taken a lot away from this article. We went over exactly what skin tags are, including where on the body they are most common; what causes them, as well as how to prevent them; and most importantly, how to get rid of skin tag pain.

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